About Cape Cornwall Singers

Cape Cornwall Singers were formed early in 1997 in an attempt to resurrect the singing traditions of the area in the local pubs around St Just and West Cornwall, and to raise funds for local charities. Our distinctive sound was formerly familiar in impromptu sessions throughout the town, especially during the St Just Feast celebrations, but had declined in recent years due mainly to the demise of the local tin mines.

Following the stirling efforts of Peter Angwin, our late founding Chairman, the first of many public appearances came in April 1997, to be followed shortly by guest appearances at the international Tall Ships concert in Falmouth and the Cornish Gorsedd.

Since then our support base has continued to grow and local gigs abound. International tours include Ireland, Brittany, Wales and the Kernewek Lowender festival in South Australia.

The release of four CD’s, brief television appearances and local radio exposure have kept Cape Cornwall Singers in the public eye. Much of our success is due to the incomparable ability of singer/songwriter Harry Glasson who continues to write many of our most evocative songs about Cornwall, our people and our heritage.

Cape Cornwall Singers are ordinary people,  with ordinary lives, who sing with passion of the enduring traditions and extraordinary beauty of our homeland.


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